“Steve Churchwell was the easy choice when our tech startup in Silicon Valley decided to take on the election establishment nationwide and blow up all the boxes.” –Michael Marubio, CEO, AllPoint Voter Services


Voter registration had been stuck in the horse and buggy days with voters having to fill out a voter registration card by hand and mail it in or drive it to the county registrar’s office. As a result, a Pew Center study found that 25% of eligible voters were not registered, and of those who were, the data was often outdated and inaccurate, causing their vote to be disqualified.



Elections in the United States are controlled by 50 secretaries of state and thousands of county elections officials. They generally have been very wary of new technology and reluctant to approve it.



Allpoint Voter Services developed a way that a voter could fill out a voter registration card online and then sign it by remotely controlling an actual pen that signed the appropriate voter registration form. One elections official at a time, Steve Churchwell convinced them that the law did not prohibit this new technology. Sometimes it required legislation; sometimes litigation. But the technology is slowly being accepted in almost every jurisdiction in the country.



Eligible voters all across America can now register to vote using their touch screen device without leaving the comfort and safety of their homes. This technology is being used by Democrats, Republicans and other political parties to increase political involvement in the United States.